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Originally published in Castine Patriot, September 8, 2022
New vendor means new recycling rules

by David Avery

The town is using Pine Tree Waste as a recycling vendor in a temporary arrangement, according to Town Manger Shawn Blodgett. A new vendor means new recycling rules.

The new rules may be different from what residents are accustomed to, Blodgett said.

According to a pamphlet included in property tax bills sent to Castine residents recently, the following rules apply.

The Zero-Sort Recycling of Pine Tree Waste includes broken-down, flattened corrugated cardboard in 2-foot squares, box board, junk mail and office paper.

Newspapers can be recycled, but neither they nor cardboard should be tied with twine.

Plastic with recycling stamps from #1 through #7 are recyclable, including clean five-gallon pails, as are aluminum cans and foil and tin cans. Glass bottles and food jars can be recycled as well.

All containers must be empty, clean and dry. No items smaller than two inches are accepted.

Although plastic bags are not recyclable, Blodgett says residents should continue to put their recycling in clear plastic bags for delivery to the transfer station or curbside pickup. Transfer station staff will deal with the plastic bags, Blodgett said.

The following are not recyclable.

No plastic bags are accepted, nor are paper cups and plates because they often have a waxy lining.

No napkins, paper towels or Styrofoam are accepted. And no toys, clothes, hangers, ceramics, rubber medical waste or electronics are to be put in the recycling stream.

Pizza boxes can be recycled if they are only lightly stained by grease, but stuck-on food should be removed.