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Originally published in Castine Patriot, June 23, 2022
Castine select board approves lighthouse lease

by David Avery

The select board voted to renew the lease of the current renter of the Dyce Head lighthouse keeper’s house at its regular meeting on June 21.

The vote was unanimous and without comment from the six members of the public present.

Tracy Lameyer has rented the lighthouse from the town for about the past nine years. The lease is for three years and requires the lessee to be willing to entertain tourists who may wander through the yard ocassionally. Year-round occupancy is also required.

In other action, the board approved a general fund warant of about $98,000 and a water department warrant of $14,000.

The board also approved a request for Danny Murphy’s to temporarily occupy some of the public parking area on the town dock for a fundraiser for Bernie Higgins, proprietor of that establishment. The fundraiser was to be held Wednesday, June 22.

Higgins has been facing medical challenges of late.

The board approved a request for Maine Maritime Academy to block part of Pleasant Street near the football field during Homecoming weekend, September 17.

A request by the Adams School to use the town common on Saturday, August 6 was also approved. A birthday celebration for Calvin the Right Whale is to be held.

Calvin is the namesake of the local Castine students, the Calvineers who have been studying and advocating for whales for years.

The next meeting of the board is Tuesday, July 5.

The meeting lasted from 4 till 4:09 p.m.