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Originally published in Castine Patriot, November 11, 2021
Sidewalk committee seeks public comment via survey
Will use input to make recommendations

by David Avery

The Ad Hoc Sidewalk Committee appointed by the select board is readying a survey of town residents to find out where they stand on sidewalks. The two issues being addressed by the committee are winter snow removal and the long-term maintenance of sidewalks in town.

“The Committee members believe it is important to base their recommendations on information gathered from all Castine residents,” the committee said in a press release. So it is preparing a survey for residents to complete.

The committee has met weekly for five weeks on Tuesday afternoons in Emerson Hall, according to committee member Bobby Vagt. They are exploring three options with respect to snow removal.

The first option is for the town to remove snow for pedestrians as it does for cars, as a town service paid for by tax dollars.

The second option that the survey will ask residents to consider is that of passing an ordinance requiring property owners to remove snow on walks adjacent to their properties. Such ordinances are common in other areas, according to Vagt.

A third option is to do nothing. The committee is also exploring the idea of having volunteers remove snow from select areas around town.

Such areas might include routes traversed by Adams School children, Academy students, Court Street and Main Street.

The purpose of the survey is “to gather information on how we all would like to see sidewalk snow and ice removal handled during the imminent 2021-22 winter season,” according to the committee.

Once the survey has been approved by the select board, it will be available online and on paper at Emerson Hall. The select board will consider the draft survey at its meeting Monday, November 15. The committee encourages the public to take a few minutes to complete the short survey.

Questions for the committee can be sent to chair Marc Pelletier at />