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Originally published in Castine Patriot, June 3, 2021
American Cruise Lines teams up with local tours to showcase historic Castine

Historic tours

Castine Touring Company participants become acquainted with the trolley that will be used this summer in conjunction with the visits by American Cruise Line’s vessel Independence. Pictured from left are Roberta Boczkiewic, Bill Anthony, Donna Brophy, Pat Bishop, Diana Bernard, Don Tenney, Marianne Lee, Ewen Farnham, Bev Bishop and Debby Neve.

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by Rosemary Wyman

American Cruise Lines’ Independence visits Castine every Monday morning throughout the summer tourist season. In an effort to pack as much information as possible into the three-hour stopover, the cruise company has contracted with Northeast Charter Company to have two of their vehicles meet the ship at the Castine Town Dock for a two-hour tour of Castine, voted by Yankee Magazine as “One of the Ten Prettiest Towns on the Coast of Maine.”

The hosting and narrating of the tours will be conducted by Castine Touring Company, the not-for-profit operators of Scarlett, the little red six-passenger golf cart that has been successfully giving tours to visitors for the past several years, and who gift all of their excess proceeds each year to charitable entities in the community.

Bev Bishop, president of Castine Touring Company, said, “It is our hope that by partnering with the cruise company in this way we can expand our services to the Town of Castine, and work to benefit businesses here in the community. Our goal is to impress our cruise visitors with the history and beauty of Castine so that they will want to return for an extended stay in the future.

It is important to point out that the trolley cars used on these tours will not be available for use by the general public at this time. They are for the exclusive use of American Cruise Lines and their passengers.