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Originally published in Castine Patriot, October 15, 2020
Maine Maritime Academy honors students’ lifesaving efforts

Award ceremony

Maine Maritime Academy President Bill Brennan and Commandant of Midshipman John Cashman award the institution’s highest honors to four students for their role in responding to a medical emergency in Castine last month. The ceremony took place on the morning of October 6.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer DeJoy

by Eli Forman

On Tuesday, October 6, Maine Maritime Academy President Bill Brennan and Commandant of Midshipmen John Cashman conferred two of the institution’s highest honors on four students for their swift response to an emergent medical incident in Castine.

Seniors Korey DeBoth and Nicholas Ferre received Presidential Commendations for their role in providing emergency medical care to an individual who sustained critical injuries after a 30 foot fall from a building on September 9.

“The two were recognized for exceptional leadership skills, superlative emergency medical knowledge, tireless application of care, and unparalleled dedication to the community,” read a press release.

A trained Emergency Medical Technician and Lieutenant with the Castine Fire and Rescue Department, DeBoth happened to be in his driveway at the time of the fall, which he said occurred next to his house.

Hearing the commotion, DeBoth and Ferre grabbed their EMT bags and rushed to the incident, arriving on scene “before [the 911 call] was even toned out on our pagers,” said DeBoth in a phone interview.

Once there, they immediately evaluated the individual and began stabilization procedures in preparation for an ambulance, said DeBoth.

Realizing the need for a more “definitive level of care,” DeBoth made the decision to call for a LifeFlight helicopter.

Two other MMA students, Daniel Henesy and Noah Morin-Roy, worked to establish a landing zone for the helicopter on the MMA practice field, allowing the patient to be airlifted to a trauma center.

For their “professionalism and compassion while providing an outstanding example to all of those around them,” Henesy and Morin-Roy were awarded Meritorious Citations.

According to DeBoth, the leadership experience he has received through his education at MMA has helped him “rise to the occasion” in what are often stressful moments requiring quick, decisive action.

Though not a newcomer to 911 calls, DeBoth said this incident was different due to the many moving parts.

“It was definitely the most complex and intimidating incident I’ve ever been on,” said DeBoth.

DeBoth joined the Castine Fire and Rescue Department as a freshman, and sees his service with the department as a way of showing gratitude and supporting the community of Castine.

“You find a second family,” said DeBoth, adding “being able to do what we do for the town, it’s a way of giving back.”

Though they weren’t expecting the awards, DeBoth and his fellow students appreciated the recognition on behalf of MMA and their colleagues at the fire department.

“We’re just glad that everything happened the way it did and we were able to help people, because that’s what we’re here for,” he said.