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Originally published in Castine Patriot, November 28, 2019
Castine fire department receives grant for new tanker

by Monique Labbe

The Castine Fire and Rescue Department has been searching for a new tanker and funds to purchase it for the better part of the last year, and the department just received a grant that will pay for all but $15,000 of it, according to Assistant Fire Chief Tom Gutow.

The grant is a FEMA Assistance to Firefighter Grant, and is one that the Castine department applies for annually, to help fund various items. This year, the focus for the grant was the replacement of out-of-date fire apparatus over 25 years old.

“It is a comprehensive and lengthy application,” said Gutow.

Gutow completed the application in the fall of 2018, for a grant total of $300,000, with a 5 percent contribution from the municipality. The application was accepted, and the fire department will receive $285,000 from FEMA. The town will be responsible for the remaining cost.

“It is expected the truck will cost close to the total $300,000. If there are any funds left over once the truck is purchased, they will go toward outfitting the truck with the needed equipment which is not included in the purchase of the truck,” said Gutow.

This would include items such as hoses, hand tools and fittings, as well as required safety equipment.

The department is currently in the bidding process for the new truck, and Gutow said that the hope is to place an order by December of this year, with delivery in late summer of 2020.