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COVID-19 Local Updates Archive

Find the latest news on how COVID-19 is affecting our local area.


  1. School Union 76 Superintendent’s Memo March 14
  2. School Union 93 Superintendent’s Memo March 13
  3. School Union 93 Superintendent’s Memo March 4
  4. School Union 76 Superintendent’s Memo March 12


  1. Blue Hill hospital patient tests positive for COVID-19
  2. Brooklin moves Town Meeting to May—maybe
  3. Blue Hill elections postponed after Mills’ stay-at-home order
  4. Local hospitals prioritize COVID-19 testing
    Castine Patriot, 3/26/20
  5. Community responds to Covid-19 with closures and help
    Castine Patriot, 3/26/20
  6. Blue Hill café asks neighbors to help neighbors
    The Weekly Packet, 3/26/20
  7. Isle au Haut to everyone else: Stay away!
    Castine Patriot, 3/26/20
  8. Isolation the new weapon against COVID-19
    Castine Patriot, 3/26/20
  9. Pandemic expected to cause economic slowdown
    Castine Patriot, 3/26/20
  10. At risk during shelter in place
    Castine Patriot, 3/26/20
  11. Grocery stores, food pantries struggle to keep shelves full
    Castine Patriot, 3/26/20
  12. Schools close until April 27 over COVID-19
    Castine Patriot, 3/19/20
  13. Drive-up testing for COVID-19 in Stonington, Castine, Blue Hill
    Castine Patriot, 3/19/20
  14. Facilities, restaurants close to curb virus spread
    Castine Patriot, 3/19/20
  15. Drive-up testing for COVID-19 now in Stonington, Castine
  16. COVID-19 - Local closure and cancelation updates
  17. Island Nursing Home locks down amid COVID-19 concern
    Castine Patriot, 3/12/20
  18. Coronavirus causing local shortages
    Castine Patriot, 3/5/20

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