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Originally published in Castine Patriot, February 7, 2019
Castine Selectmen approve salt/sand shed policy
Town manager search public hearing scheduled

by Monique Labbe

Members of the Castine Board of Selectmen approved a policy regarding the residential use of the town’s salt/sand shed at the transfer station at the February 4 meeting of the board.

The policy came about because residents had been going to the transfer station to shovel salt and sand into their pickup truck beds and using it to counteract slippery ice at their homes.

“We knew we had ruled that residents could take up to five gallons for their personal use during particularly icy conditions, but we couldn’t find it, so we thought it would make sense to come up with a policy,” said Castine Town Manager Jimmy Goodson.

The new policy states that Castine residents can take five gallons for personal use a week, to be hauled away in a bucket or other type of container. In the case of an emergency, the town manager would have the authorization to extend that privilege as seen fit.

A copy of the policy is available on the town’s website, at the town office, and will be posted at the transfer station.

In other board business, Goodson reported that there will be a public hearing on February 19, prior to the regular board of selectmen meeting, for people to discuss their needs and wants as the search for a new town manager moves forward. David Barrett with Maine Municipal Association will be in attendance to answer any questions and to take feedback from the public. Maine Municipal Association has been tasked to help with the search to replace Goodson, who submitted a letter of retirement last month.

That public hearing is scheduled for 4 p.m.