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Originally published in Castine Patriot, August 22, 2019
Adams School - Back to School

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First day: Tuesday, September 3
School hours: 7:15 a.m.-3:15 p.m.

Principal: Sheila Irvine,, 326-8608
Secretary: Elaine Bertrand,, 326-8608
Superintendent: Mark Hurvitt,, 374-9927
Curriculum Coordinator: Dawn McLaughlin,, 374-9927

Grades: Pre-K-8th.

Total number of students: 44. Pre-k: 6; Kindergarten: 6; grade 1: 2; grade 2: 2; grade 3: 5; grade 4: 6; grade 5: 4; grade 6: 2; grade 7: 6; grade 8: 6

Full-time teachers/staff: 10

Part-time teachers/staff: 9

Contracted staff: 1

2019-20 budget: $1,427,961

Meal prices: Student lunch, $2.65; reduced lunch, free; adult lunch, $6; extra milk, $0.30.

Meal application forms will be sent home with students on the first day of school.

First week’s menu: Tuesday: chicken ranch linguine, vegetable, fruit, milk. Wednesday: scrambled eggs with cheese, vegetable, fruit, milk. Thursday: lasagna soup, vegetable, fruit, milk. Friday: Hamburger, vegetable, fruit, milk.


Morning run: The bus will leave the transfer station at approximately 6:30 AM and proceed Rte. 166A picking up both High School and Adams School students along the way. The bus will then proceed back into town on Rt. 166 and on to Backshore Road. The bus will continue up Wadsworth Cove Road to Battle Avenue. It will then go down to Modockowando Road, up LaTour Street and back to Battle Avenue turning down Tarratine Street to Court Street onto Hatch Cove Road, returning to the Adams School at approximately 7:10. The bus will then transport High School students to the Penobscot Community School for transport to George Stevens Academy (Penobscot bus) or Bucksport High School (Castine bus).

Afternoon run: Adams School students will be picked up at school at 2:10 PM. The bus will turn onto Court Street, proceed to Perkins Street, then to Battle Avenue. It will continue to Water Street, up State Street, and proceed onto Battle Avenue to Wadsworth Cove Road and Backshore Road. It will continue to Routes 166 and 166A. After all elementary students are dropped at their homes, the bus will proceed to the Penobscot Community School to pick up all High School students. Both GSA and BHS students are transported to the Penobscot school from their respective High Schools in the afternoon.

No School Days
October 11, 14
November 11
November 27-29
December 23-27, 30-31
January 1
January 17, 20
February 17-21
March 20
April 20-24
May 24
Last student day: June 11