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Originally published in Castine Patriot, June 14, 2018 and The Weekly Packet, June 14, 2018
Area schools battle it out for Maja title

The finalists

The six finalists in the Maja Trivia Tournament of Champions are, from left, Castine sixth grader Hazel Sheahan, Castine seventh grader Nora Spratt, Brooksville seventh grader Emery Leach, Castine eighth grader Will MacArthur, Brooksville seventh grader and winner Logan Leach and Castine seventh grader Ira Buchholz.

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by Monique Labbe

How many fifth to eighth grade students can tell the history of when their towns were established, what tools were used to build what buildings in the 1800s or where and when the local Masons meet?

Eighteen students from the Adams School, Penobscot Community School and Brooksville Elementary School proved they could do just that, during the sixth annual Maja Trivia Tournament of Champions. After two rounds and almost 60 questions, Brooksville seventh grader Logan Leach recorded 2,100 points to become the champion. Adams School seventh grader Nora Spratt came in second place with 1,850 points.

Wilson Museum Director Patty Hutchins spent time at each school throughout the year, teaching the students about the history of the Majabigwaduce area, known now as the towns of Castine, Penobscot and Brooksville. Each area eventually broke off and formed its own town, but the history of the people, places, organizations and the economy were at the forefront of the lessons Hutchins taught the students.

To make it to the Tournament of Champions, players from each school first had to win the tournament at their respective schools. Four students, plus two alternates from each school advanced to the final round.

The first round of the championship featured two teams from each school, answering Jeopardy style questions. The top three teams advanced to the second and final round, where the students competed individually.

Students in the final round were seventh grader Nora Spratt, seventh grader Ira Buchholz, sixth grader Hazel Sheahan and eighth grader Will MacArthur from Castine, and seventh graders Logan and Emery Leach from Brooksville.

Lunch was served between the two rounds, with hot dogs and burgers cooked on the grill by volunteer cooks Temple Blackwood, Sherm Hutchins and Harry Kaiserian. Volunteers also made cookies and provided chips, drinks and a vegetable platter for the students and others in attendance.

Patty Hutchins moderated the competition, and Abby Dunham ran the computer software attached to the questions.