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Originally published in Castine Patriot, July 19, 2018
Guildive owner’s requests granted by selectmen
Bigger issues raised

by Monique Labbe

Members of the Castine Board of Selectmen approved recommendations by the Harbor Committee to adopt revisions to the 2018 Mooring Site, Dock and Launch Ramp Fees, Fines and Policies, and to accept a donation by the Castine Yacht Club for a pendant to be installed on the upriver schooner mooring, during a meeting on July 16.

The recommendations came after a previous board meeting earlier in July, when Zander Parker, owner of the Guildive sailing yacht that provides cruises around Castine Harbor, asked for a mooring pendant in the harbor for his ship to stay on days he is in town for cruises.

The pendant would allow the Guildive to not be docked at the town dock all day, and would provide a space for the boat between cruises. This way, the boat would only have to be at the dock for pick up and drop off before and after the cruises.

Under the current regulations at the dock, boats are allowed to be tied to the town dock for an unlimited amount of time during the day, on a first come, first serve basis, so long as the boat is attended. This is a problem, said selectman Peter Vogell, because if boats like the Guildive, which is 56 feet in size, spend the entire day docked in the harbor, it prevents non-commercial vessels from being able to access restaurants and shops in town.

Parker explained that he is not looking to take advantage of the current policy and that he only wants to be able to use the dock as necessary, particularly now, as the mooring pendant is not currently installed.

“If someone coming into the harbor needs a spot on the dock, the Guildive will give them that space, no problem,” said Parker. “We will always adhere to the harbormaster.”

At the previous July meeting, Parker also asked the selectmen to waive the $25 non-resident daily fee he was paying for the Guildive to stay tied at the harbor. The harbor committee recommended that Parker pay the $5 resident fee, as Parker is a resident of Castine, along with Kate Kana, with whom he operates the Guildive.

While the selectmen approved the requests by the harbor committee, they all agreed that the policy allowing boats to access the town dock without some sort of timing rules in place could potentially turn into an issue as more and more commercial vessels continue to access Castine Harbor.