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Originally published in Castine Patriot, November 9, 2017
Selectman Unger honored at his final board meeting

End of an era

Longtime member of the Castine Board of Selectmen, David Unger is celebrated during his final meeting on the board on November 6.

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by Monique Labbe

At just after 4:15 p.m., chairman David Unger called the November 6 meeting of the Castine Selectmen to a close. A few minutes before that, he was recognized for his years of service to the town, with a plaque, sweets, and well wishes from his fellow selectmen and town office staff.

“When I came here as the new town manager, I received a lot of good, positive advice about town management and the town of Castine from David Unger,” said Town Manager Jimmy Goodson.

Goodson presented Unger with a plaque, which was a complete surprise to the selectman. The meeting was the last for Unger, as a new selectman was elected during the November 7 election.

Unger, who is also a member of the Castine Town Band and an avid participant in town activities, thanked his counterparts on the board, as well as the townspeople for their support over the years.

“I have done a great many things in the town of Castine, but nothing has given me a greater sense of pride or happiness than serving on this board,” he said.

Unger served five consecutive terms on the Castine Board of Selectmen over 15 years.