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Originally published in Castine Patriot, November 2, 2017 and Island Ad-Vantages, November 2, 2017 and The Weekly Packet, November 2, 2017
Health center finances ‘better every year’

by Monique Labbe

The Castine Community Health Center is in good standing financially, according to Castine Community Hospital Corporation Treasurer Berna Kaiserian during the board’s annual meeting on October 26.

Kaiserian reported that the health center has $2,359,000 in total assets, with $63,000 in revenue and $150,000 in contributions. The health center went through $86,000 in expenses in 2017.

“We are still alive and moving,” said Kaiserian. “We’re doing better every year.”

Blue Hill Memorial Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Murnik was on hand to represent the hospital, with which the health center in Castine is affiliated. Murnik noted that the hospital board is “dedicated” to keeping the center operational, despite smaller practices being closed elsewhere in the state.

“Everybody should be within 20 minutes of medical services,” said Murnik. “I would love to see it used even more with even more staff. We’re dedicated to making it work.”

Castine Community Hospital Corporation President Carolyn Gray also reported that upgrades have been made to the building’s sprinkler system. New sprinklers and alarms have been added to the facility, and final installment is within a month of completion, according to Gray.

No changes were made to the makeup of the board, as Barbara Griffiths, whose term as secretary was up this year, agreed to stay on for another one-year term. The board voted unanimously to keep Griffiths on as secretary.

The health center currently offers a family medical practice for area residents, as well as dental services in the same building.