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Originally published in Castine Patriot, May 18, 2017
‘Unanimity’ emerges as theme of Castine town meeting

Castine selectmen

Selectmen Peter Vogell, left, and Gus Basile are ready to answer questions from the voters.

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by Monique Labbe

It took 90 minutes for a sparse group of residents to pass 56 municipal and school warrant articles during the annual town meeting on May 13.

Fewer than 40 people attended the meeting, and each article passed unanimously, which moderator Robin Mass said was a first in recent town meeting history.

Town Clerk Susan Macomber and members of the board of selectmen said that this year’s meeting was a record for both attendance and length.

One of the few questions raised during town meeting asked for an explanation regarding the $38,000 to be raised and appropriated for roadway and infrastructure improvements. Town Manager Jimmy Goodson explained that money is allocated every year for these improvements, and is the overall difference between the debt service and what the target amount is for that account. Goodson said that a portion of Perkins Street will be worked on, as well as Latoure Street and Madokawando Road.

“We have a vision and will do that work as the funds become available,” said Goodson.

Voters approved that warrant article without further discussion.

In total, the voters approved a municipal budget of $2,113,478, and a school budget of $1,469,110.