News Feature

Originally published in Castine Patriot, April 19, 2012
Back in business
Castine Variety reopens in May

by Anne Berleant

The Castine Variety has always been a place to enjoy a meal and ice cream, served up with a healthy portion of local news, before it closed over a year ago.

Now, after a busy season running The Breeze behind her, local chef Snow Logan has bent to customer demand and taken over the restaurant on the corner of Main and Water Streets.

“My customers wanted a place to sit down inside,” Logan said. “They said, ‘You need to open the Variety. We know you can do it.’”

Originally from Oahu, Hawaii, Logan trained as a chef at the University of Hawaii and came to Castine over seven years ago to work at Maine Maritime Academy.

With a goal of opening on Mother’s Day, Logan is installing a new kitchen and making room for six tables plus the counter.

Her menu, like the Breeze’s, will offer her signature “international” dishes, like Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai green curry shrimp kebab, and Hawaiian pork chops, along with the traditional burgers, dogs and fries, seafood rolls and platters, pizza, and an expanded breakfast selection.

“It makes me feel good that I can use my talent to create something that makes everyone happy,” Logan said.

And, like the Breeze, which Logan will open for the season later in May, the Variety will offer a daily special, different from the one featured at the waterfront stand.

Logan said she’ll definitely need to increase her staff.

“My amazing employees,” she calls the over 30 part- and full-timers who worked the Breeze and catering and personal chef jobs, from Castine to Blue Hill, last summer.

The Castine Variety will be open year round, from breakfast onward.

“I don’t shut the door until everything’s done,” she said. “The phone rings with an order, we pick it up. I make sure everyone’s happy.”