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Over a foot of snow blanketed the area on January 27, leaving residents to dig out the next day.

Photo by Tevlin Schuetz

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Route 15 in Penobscot to get full MDOT treatment
Routes to be renamed from Orland to Castine

Castine & Penobscot —

Read about the MDOT’s plan here.

While Penobscot is set to receive millions of dollars for road rebuilding along Route 15, little else is planned by the ...

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Town updates MMA on childcare gap, parking changes

Historical Society to present program

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Parents in need of childcare
Parents in need of childcare

Citizens to selectmen: lack of early childhood care, education ‘critical’
School board seeks to lower tuition

Castine —

Parents, some with infants in arms, filled the January 20 selectmen’s meeting. Their message was clear: the lack of local care and learning for young children is an emergency and ...

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Special education drives sharp increase in Penobscot school budget

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shingle maker opens mill in Penobscot
Shingle maker opens mill in Penobscot

Penobscot native opens shingle mill, hopes to spur manufacturing

Penobscot —

Joe McGraw ignored the warnings of friends and acquaintances and followed his dream: to be an owner-operator of a business enterprise—in this case a shingle mill.

McGraw Millworks started ...

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CED casts wide focus with varying success

Castine School Board extends principal’s contract