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Students at Penobscot Community School held a mock fire drill with the Penobscot Volunteer Fire Department, and had a few thrills, too, when firefighters visited the school on Friday, October ...

Photo courtesy of Penobscot Community School

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Castine to get its first ‘tiny house’

Castine —

Selectmen approved naming a private lane “Tiny House Drive,” as requested by property owner Doug Koos, who plans to rent one of two two-acre lots to a Maine Maritime Academy ...

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Barcelona trip planning continues

Election 2018: Polling hours for area towns

Election 2018: Ranked Choice Voting

Election 2018: Referendum Questions

Election 2018: District Attorney

Election 2018: County Commissioner

Election 2018: Candidates

Election 2018: Candidates name their top three issues

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Republican Nancy Colwell and Democrat Sarah Pebworth
Republican Nancy Colwell and Democrat Sarah Pebworth

Arruda, Hutchins seek House District 131 seat

Penobscot —

On Election Day, November 6, voters will choose between two candidates experienced in local and state politics to fill the House District 131 seat. Democratic candidate Nathalie Arruda, of Orland, ...

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Local candidates share views at Blue Hill forum

Building request approved in historic district

One step closer to broadband